Affordable and High Quality Residential Water Treatment Solutions

WaterIcon not only offers an extensive range of water treatment solutions for desalination of saltwater, municipal wastewater treatment and industrial effluent applications, but also offers an extensive range of residential water treatment solutions.

Applications are suitable for:

  • Retirement villages.
  • Golfing estates.
  • Environmental estates.
  • Hotels.
  • Holiday resorts.
  • Individual residential homes.

Treatment of Brackish Water

Potable drinking water is essential, but more often than not, estates, resorts, homes and retirement villages make use of borehole water that’s brackish. We offer our expertise and various treatment solutions to clarify, filter, desalinate and treat water to make it drinkable, safe, and clear.

Where estates want to recycle water it becomes extremely important to make use of ecologically friendly treatment processes to ensure that the water will be safe and processes used will not harm the environment.

We make the above possible through a complete range of residential water treatment solutions which take the form of pre-packaged modular units, larger scale built projects for resorts or residential estates and even home reverse osmosis filters.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

We offer several types of RO systems to meet client requirements. Whether you need a smaller portable filter or want a customised solution, we can meet your requirements. We manufacture the units in our Johannesburg factory and provide you with products that are safe, durable, and highly functional.

In addition to superior quality RO systems, we’re also known for our excellent maintenance support offered 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter where in South Africa; we can bring this amazing technology to you. The RO units are often installed in areas where normal electricity supply is limited or where the businesses want to minimise their effect on the environment.  The units can be powered by gas, electricity or solar power.

The RO process is used in residential, pharmaceutical and boiler feed applications. Whether you need to use the RO units for softening of water, to treat the concentration of molecular solvents for dairy applications or want to improve water quality, you’ll appreciate our innovative solutions.

RO is an excellent water purification system because it:

  • Improves the taste of water.
  • Flushes pollutants instead of collecting them.
  • Improves the appearance and odour of water.
  • Is low on maintenance.
  • Is low on energy consumption.

RO removes inorganic solids from the water through a process whereby water pressure is used to push the water through a semi-permeable membrane. The water can pass through the membrane, but the dissolved solids cannot and are flushed out while the clean water is immediately ready for use.

Swimming Pool Filtration

WaterIcon is at the forefront of swimming pool water treatment systems in South Africa. Our solutions entail the usage of corrosion free materials and primary strainers that are made from GRP with stainless steel baskets. The swimming pool systems are extremely efficient and durable. Since no metal piping is used, the risk of corrosion is eliminated. We offer cast iron pumps that have bronze impellers. The filters are extra durable and consist of dual media made from glass reinforced polyester.

Water Features

No doubt the pressure is on to create stunning landscapes around corporate buildings and water features often form the focus points. We help companies to install highly functional, environmentally friendly and durable water features. Our products and services include from hydraulic design to nozzle placement and installation of electrical controls.

Hotels, residential estates, and resorts nowadays feature aesthetic appealing waterfalls, swimming pools, and fountains. Ensuring that the features work as intended to is part of what we do. Whether you want to create a stunning waterfall feature or want to fit an overflow edge you’ll appreciate our expertise and high quality products.

Aquatic Life Support Systems

Aquatic life is sensitive to environmental changes. Large fish tanks or ponds thus require world-class filtration systems to ensure optimal water circulation, oxygen and quality control. We supply superior quality water treatment systems and filters to sustain marine life in ponds, tanks and enclosed habitats.

In summary, our water treatment solutions for residential applications can be customised to meet client requirements. We offer you a team of engineers and trade experts to help with the design, selection process, installation and maintenance of small or large systems.

View our range of products and services and call us today to discuss your particular water treatment requirements.

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