Commercial Water Filtration Systems in South Africa

WaterIcon is a leading provider of superior quality water filtration systems in South Africa. Whether for industrial, commercial or residential applications, we can supply not only the most appropriate equipment, but can also design the systems, install such and provide maintenance services.

Some of the commercial water filtration system solutions are briefly discussed below to give you an idea of what we can offer you.

Water Features & Ponds

Our clients range from residential estates to holiday resorts, office parks and hotels and our filter product offering can be applied to:

  • Fountains.
  • Large aquatic ponds.
  • Manmade lakes.
  • Large water features.

An example of the sheer size and complexity of projects we can complete is to be found at the Silver Star Casino. With a large team of engineers and years of experience in design as well as installation of water feature components, we can help to ensure optimal circulation, energy efficiency, and high quality of water.

Swimming Pool Filtration

The size and type of swimming pool determine the cleaning and filtering requirements. There’s for instance, a difference between a swimming pool that undergoes constant water refreshment and one that uses water recirculation to ensure clean water.

Circulation System

With a recirculation system the swimming pool water is circulated through a special purification system to allow for optimal savings of the water. The contaminated part of the water is carried away after commercial water filtration and treatment process. The pool is filled up with fresh and purified water.

Re-circulation is used by municipal pool systems to save on water since filling up the pools will take too much water.  Where a pool has continual flow, the treated water is carried to the sewer or taken to a purification plant.

Steps in Purifying Swimming Pool Water

The first step in the process of purification entails the transporting of the water from the swimming pool to the water purification plant where the water goes through a hair removal filter.

The hair removal filter also removes plasters and other solids that pass through it. Once the process is completed, a flocculent is applied. This brings the smaller colloids such as skin tissue and textile fibres together. Saliva, cosmetic products, soap remains or skin fats are other examples of smaller colloidal pollutants which can cause turbidity of the water.

To test for the presence of undissolved particles in the water, the turbidity level and potassium permanganate demand of the water are assessed. Any floating debris is removed through a water sand filtration system that requires back flushing from time to time. The pollutants are then carried into the sewer.

Our Role

We help design and implement commercial filtration systems for large swimming pools at gyms, staff training facilities, hotels, water parks and other commercial settings. Our engineers carefully plan the filtration process to ensure optimal functionality. The WaterIcon team furthermore provides training to your people in managing and maintaining the water filtration process.

Clients in our portfolio include the likes of top hotel chain groups, Planet Fitness & Virgin Active. We thus have a proven track record of successful planning, installation, training and maintenance when it comes to commercial swimming pool water filtration systems.

WaterIcon specialises in large sized pool filtration for water parks, gyms, training facilities and hotels.

Consultation & Water Analysis

Whether you only require engineering and consultation assistance or want us to design and install the entire filtration system, you’ll appreciate our expertise. If you already have an existing pond, swimming pool or manmade lake and struggle to keep the water clean, simply call on our experts for assistance.

We take water analysis as the starting point for any water treatment process. You don’t have to guess or use a trial and error method. Simply let us analyse the water at our test lab and get the results. You can get the sample bottles from us and have your water tested. Once the water analysis has been done, we can provide you with recommendations regarding the steps to be taken for optimal treatment. Get expert help in restoring the water quality of your swimming pool, pond or lake by taking the first step – water analysis.

Whether you want to build a water feature at your corporate office park, need to ensure optimal filtration of a large public swimming pool or simply need assistance in improving current filtration systems, call us for immediate and professional assistance today.

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