Effective Municipal Water Treatment Solutions for South Africa

Municipalities have a responsibility to supply clear, potable drinking water to their residents. We, at WaterIcon, believe in quality and because it’s essential to minimise our environmental footprint, we make use of technologies that enable municipalities to recover water from dams, rivers, groundwater sources, and the sea and to treat such for effective applications in industry, commerce, and residential use.

We work closely with the relevant authorities to help supply in community water needs and undertake small and large projects. With our help, expertise, and solutions municipalities and residential estates can deliver high quality and safe drinking water.

Whether advanced wastewater treatment is needed to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact or water recycling solutions are required, small and large municipalities rely on WaterIcon for help.

Small-scale Municipal Water Treatment

We offer solutions that can be applied to golf estates, residential developments, construction sites, and schools. The solutions are affordable and can be customised to meet client requirements.

With our module potable water treatment packages municipalities can turn undrinkable or brackish water into clean, safe and drinkable water suitable for residential applications. If the units are small enough and the flow rate allows we provide pre-packaged solutions. In other instances we install the units at the client premises.

The modular units can be used in desalination of seawater for residential use as well as the treatment of water derived from groundwater sources, rivers and dams to provide potable water.

Treatment methods used range from clarification and filtration to reverse osmosis, oxidation, disinfection, and seawater desalination.

Larger Scale Water Treatment

We design, develop, operate, and maintain large scale water treatment projects across the country and in some neighbouring states. Municipalities make use of our services to build new plants and to restore and refurbish their existing water treatment plants. In South Africa, many of the water treatment plants in use by municipalities are outdated and require refurbishing. We can help and have a solid track record in successful completion of projects.

Wastewater Management

Domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial usage of water lead to wastewater contaminated with chemicals, organic pollutants, and suspended particles. The water cannot be returned to the environment without first cleaning it and making it environmentally safe. We offer clients advanced solutions for treatment of wastewater whether on small or large scale. With recycling and re-using of water, the environmental impact can be reduced and costs lowered. We make it possible with our turnkey solutions.

We offer smaller scale wastewater treatment solutions for:

  • Holiday resorts
  • Rural communities
  • Small municipal projects
  • Manufacturing plants

Customised plants as well as modular units and container systems are available according to client water treatment needs. The units we offer can be upgraded to handle increased demand and are designed to also to fit the specific location. Technologies used in treating the water include from screening and filtration to biological process, water polishing, and disinfection.

Disposal and Recycling of Sludge from Water Treatment

Before the sludge left from water treatment can be disposed, it must be made safe. We treat the sludge for re-usage as animal feed, compost or fertiliser. The selection is made according to the economic benefits it will hold for the client company. Sludge can be dried so that it can be burned or disposed at a landfill.

Why use WaterIcon?

We’re a leading supplier of water treatment solutions in South Africa and have a proven track record of successful design, installation and maintenance of municipal water treatment plants across Southern Africa. We offer affordable and environmentally friendly solutions to ensure sustainable usage of available water resources.

Call us to discuss your particular water treatment requirements and benefit from our expertise, guidance and economical solutions.

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