Packaged Water Treatment Plants Invaluable for Permanent or Temporary Use

The growing need for efficient water treatment plants in a wide variety of applications has led to numerous technological advances in this type of equipment. Responsible for a significant proportion of these advances is the Beijing-based international developer and manufacturer, Yuanlai Trading. The company operates in Southern Africa under the brand name of WaterIcon and it maintains offices for this purpose in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The founding company has a worldwide reputation earned from its extensive and highly productive research into various new methodologies for the reclamation, purification and supply of this dwindling natural resource that is so crucial to human survival. Its activities range from the construction of desalination plants in desert and semi-arid locations and the cleansing of industrial effluents to the production of potable supplies for medical, nutritional and routine domestic purposes.

To achieve the various standards of purity required by such applications, the corrective procedures are required to cope with wide variations in the degree of contamination as well as in the overall scale of an individual project. In order to do so WaterIcon is well positioned to leverage an exceptionally comprehensive range of appropriate technologies that includes bio-digestion, the use of flocculants and coagulants to aid sedimentation, ultra- and Nano-filtration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and ultraviolet irradiation.

Providing Efficient Turnkey Solutions

WaterIcon offers a series of packaged water treatment plants that, in many instances, are able to provide end users with a rapid turnkey solution. Because the lower capacity units are pre-assembled, they can be easily transported to a given site and installed with the minimum of time and effort.

However, even on those larger projects where the requirement is very often for a more permanent installation, the units are just as easily assembled on site for rapid deployment. Emulating the plug ‘n play experience that is common to most computer peripherals today, WaterIcon has designed its hardware to provide this same ease of installation that, incidentally, also serves to save time and effort on those occasions when some routine maintenance may be required.

Why the Need for Pre-packaged Units?

There are many instances in which it would not be feasible to undertake a more conventional installation. In Southern Africa, for instance, many communities occupy very isolated and essentially rural locations. Under such conditions a conventional construction is totally impractical and herein lies one of the greatest strengths of WaterIcon’s pre-packaged assemblies.

There are, of course, a number of other significant advantages that will be derived from the use of this type of installation and, not the least of these is the ease and speed with which they may be put into service. The use of these innovative water treatment plants provides end users with an effective means to remedy critical supply shortages that, by more elaborate means, would be certain to persist for a great deal longer before they were eventually rectified.

Equally relevant in any location remote or nearby, is the fact that these units are exceptionally reliable in use as the have only very few moving parts that could experience wear. This promise of continuity is, of course, important to all end users but it is even more important to those living in the more remote rural areas where ordering spares or getting some professional help is almost certain to take that much longer.

Throughout their considerable lifespan, these units should remain exceptionally reliable and efficient. They will require very little in the way of supervision or extensive maintenance and thus offer the very significant benefit of surprisingly low operating costs.

Offering exceptional Versatility

Among the range of these products supplied by WaterIcon are units designed for differing activities that include clarification, various types of filtration, reverse osmosis, dosing, ion exchange and softening. This allows the purchasers to tailor varying combinations of these individual units that will than have the functionality to meet the precise needs that are typical of their own unique situations.

This also means that, these products are relevant to an equally wide range of industrial applications and have been applied in the production of petrochemicals, in various mining operations, in the automotive industry and at power stations as well as playing a critical role in maintaining the exceptionally high levels of purity required for the production of processed foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

WaterIcon is renowned for quality and delivery and is among the largest manufacturers and importers of water treatment plants and related products on the African continent.

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