The Growing Importance of Efficient Systems to Filter Water

As reserves dwindle and the earth’s population expands unabated, the need for effective systems to filter water becomes more acute. More than a refreshing drink with which to slake one’s thirst on a hot day or to provide a cooling shower, this deceptively simple compound of hydrogen and oxygen is a near universal solvent and absolutely vital to the continued survival of all animal and plant life on the planet. The demand for this life-giving liquid, for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, is currently increasing by over 60 trillion litres each year and it has become imperative that as much of this vast volume as possible is recovered and suitably treated to render it re-usable.

South Africa is predominately a semi-arid country that depends heavily on neighbouring states to meet its daily needs and as a result conservative measures are particularly important. WaterIcon is a company with offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town that has been supplying advanced technological solutions designed to aid in the effective purification of recovered aqueous waste and other sources since 1988. We offer a range of equipment and related products that are suitable for use in the home and by municipalities as well as in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

The Republic is also rather unusual among the world’s developing nations in that it is a highly industrialised country. The volumes required daily by the mines, the petrochemical industry and general manufacturing have long overtaken agricultural and domestic water consumption. The result is that the potential benefit of filter systems is greatest in these and other industrial sectors.

In order to address the needs of the nation’s mines, WaterIcon supplies solutions that leverage a number of key technologies. These include techniques for microfiltration, desalination and mineral processing. Our focus here is treatment of toxic and acidic aqueous waste, sludge streams and sewage water rendering non-re-usable sources safe for drainage with minimal environmental impact or, alternatively, ready for re-use in the mining process or as potable supplies for use within the on-site mine camps and hostels.

The acid effluent from mining constitutes the most serious environmental threat by this industry. Apart from its acidic content, other toxic and even radioactive substances are commonly present. To tackle this extreme level of contamination WaterIcon offers the option of the latest reverse osmosis and membrane separation technologies embodied in a range of world-class products specially developed for this tough but vitally important task.

So effective is this form of treatment that it is able to achieve sufficient purity for re-use of treated effluents in the various mining applications and thus rendering it unnecessary to discharge the treated stream into the environment at all. Furthermore, when using these advanced filter systems optimally, they are equally capable of producing water that is perfectly suitable for drinking. Taking advantage of these advanced treatment products from WaterIcon does not only contribute to a greener planet but has invariably resulted in considerable savings to the mining companies – a big plus in the light of lower world mineral prices.

It is invariably the responsibility of municipalities to deliver potable supplies to homes and offices in their region and in support of this need, WaterIcon also offers a variety of options. Depending upon the requirement, we are able to offer solutions that are applicable to either large or small-scale operations. The latter are particularly well suited for use in new developments such as schools, housing or golf estates and building sites or wherever there is a limited need to render brackish sources safe and pleasant to drink and suitable for other domestic purposes.

For these operations, our modular units employ an appropriate selection of purification procedures that includes various filtration options, oxidation and disinfection, desalination and reverse osmosis. Where the need is for a large-scale project we are able to design and build as well as to maintain and operate complete turnkey installations as well as to upgrade or refurbish an existing treatment plant.

For the home and commercial user, WaterIcon also provides various filtration equipment designed for use with of water features, fishponds, swimming pools and related structures where our focus is on dependability and longevity made possible through the use of the highest quality materials in the manufacture of pipework, strainers, impeller blades and, of course, the all-important filtration elements.

WaterIcon is an undisputed leader in this field. We encourage you to consult us regarding suitability and performance of our water filter systems.

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