Turn to Professional Water Treatment Companies for Planning, Design and Construction

Water treatment companies in general are tasked with ensuring that water supplies are kept clean, healthy and absolutely hygienic. There is a great amount of responsibility attached to this particular task and the companies that are entrusted with it must make use of the correct systems, procedures and protocols to ensure the very best results at all times. Social economic progress and health of the community relies greatly on the supply of fresh and sanitary supply of water and at WaterIcon we are dedicated to providing precisely that.

While the wold’s resources seem to be diminishing it is important to manage that which we do have as effectively and safely as possible. Municipalities and industrial supply companies have to seek out reliable businesses to assist with the effective supply of water to the entire country. At WaterIcon our number one task is to design and build custom-made treatment plants according to specifications supplied by our clients. Our systems and procedures are designed to save our clients on engineering costs as well as the overall pumping and capital costs expected with such an operation.

This is not all that we can offer you at WaterIcon. We are also actively involved in the further development, maintenance, construction and management of plants that may already exist. If you are looking for a general contracting solution, then we are just the team to help you. If you are worried about potential corrosion of your system then fear not, because we make use of only equipment and products that are made from corrosion-free materials – for your peace of mind. Only homogenous non-corrodible materials are used during our manufacturing processes.

We do portable small scale treatment units called Package Plants. They are generally required on sites within the mining and construction industry where access to sanitary and healthy water is required, but not easily obtained. They are also used in more rural areas where constructing an actual plant to supply the area has not been approved or considered a viable option. These units are easily transported to their various destinations as they have very few moving parts and are quite compact.

If you want to ensure that health, safety and quality controls are met constantly at your plant, then rest assured that our service and maintenance contracts are just what you need. Qualified and experienced individuals will check on each plant and ensure that everything is operating correctly and that those working in the area are safe at all times. When we build and maintain a plant for you, we will ensure that your staff members are provided with professional training from our qualified team. This training will show them how to make effective and safe use of the plants equipment and systems for the best results and minimal risk or danger.

There are various industry leading technologies that are boasted by our various plants and these include the likes of clarification treatments, ultra violet water purification, desalination systems, filtration via sand, filtration via activated carbon and ion exchange, separation and decontamination. Each of these processes is quite specialised and requires the finest quality equipment available.

For those who want quick information and advice, we offer a great online consulting service where you can leave us a message detailing your enquiry. One of our friendly consultants will get back to you with information and advice pertaining to your enquiry as soon as possible. If you would like to chat to one of us right now, feel free to give us a call – we are always available to discuss systems and potential products with you and can provide you with a professional quotation once we know more about what you want and expect from your plant. We are one of few water treatment companies in South Africa that will go the extra mile for the convenience and benefit of our clients.

When seeking out reliable water treatment companies that can assist you with planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of plants, WaterIcon is just the place to go. Our team will present you with a professional service that is reliable, cost effective and sure to be the best possible option on the market. Benefit from being assisted by WaterIcon and simply never look back.

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