Waste Water Treatment

Four Processes Commonly Used in the Treatment of Waste Water Many of the materials we routinely dispose of after use have the potential to harm the environment unless suitably treated, and water is no exception. Because it is a finite natural resource, it must not only be rendered safe before...
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Reverse Osmosis

What Are the Benefits of a Domestic Reverse Osmosis System? While filtration has long been used in a variety of different forms to remove contaminants from water and other liquids, the effectiveness of the filters used varies quite widely. Consequently, how suitable any given option might be will depend on...
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The Growing Use of Reverse Osmosis Technology in Industry

While having its origins in biology, the term osmosis has gained entry into the general vocabulary as a metaphor implying that knowledge may sometimes be gained purely as the result of proximity to those who are more knowledgeable. In fact, this is not a bad analogy, as in nature, the...
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The Various Types of Water Filter Systems and Their Uses

Used either on a standalone basis or as part of a multi-stage treatment process, the main purpose of water filter systems is to remove any particulate matter present in the liquid. In a typical multi-stage operation, any solid particles that were sufficiently large and dense would have been removed by...
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Some Common Uses for a Water Treatment Plant

The importance of water to all life on earth is a given, and those of our citizens that dwell in the fairest Cape were recently exposed to a vivid reminder of that importance when the seasonal rains failed, and drought caused taps to run dry in the Mother City. Where...
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Why We Need Water Softeners and How They Work

There are few things softer than gently falling rain, so it is surprising that when, instead, the very same liquid comes from a tap, it is sometimes described as hard. This description, of course, is not to be taken literally, but actually refers to the presence of certain dissolved minerals...
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What Are RO Systems and For What Are They Used?

Before proceeding, the acronymic component of the phrase RO systems will need to be explained. The two letters in question stand for reverse osmosis and it is likely that many of those who studied biology at school will recognise the latter word as having something to do with the way...
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Types of Water Filtration System and Their Common Uses

Apart from that which originates in mountain and glacial springs, far from the industrialised world, the bulk of the water delivered to homes, businesses, and industries must first be passed through filtration systems to remove natural contaminants and those that are the result of human activities. The type of system...
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The Action and Application of UV Radiation in Water Treatment

Anyone with access to printed, online, or broadcast news is likely to well aware that, among our other assaults on the planet, we have managed to create holes in the ozone layer. This rare form of oxygen, with three atoms rather than the two of the regular molecule, forms a...
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