The Action and Application of UV Radiation in Water Treatment

Anyone with access to printed, online, or broadcast news is likely to well aware that, among our other assaults on the planet, we have managed to create holes in the ozone layer. This rare form of oxygen, with three atoms rather than the two of the regular molecule, forms a...
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What Is Reverse Osmosis and What Are Its Main Uses?

If, as a teenager, you studied life sciences at school, it is likely that you were introduced to the process by which water is able to pass in and out of living cells across the semi-permeable membranes that enclose the structures within them. The movement is the result of pressure...
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The Processes Used in Waste Water Treatment and Its Importance

The treatment of wastewater has become increasingly important since the onset of the industrial revolution, but at no time since has the practice been as crucial as it is today. It is essential, not only as an environmental conservation measure, but also to ensure that there is a sufficient reserve...
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Greywater Recycling

Greywater Recycling Is Now Simpler but Even More Important  Given the unabated increase in consumerism, the wholesale plundering of natural resources that this has entailed, and the rapidly increasing threat to the planetary environment that has been the result, any materials that can be reused should be, even if it...
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Ultrafiltration / UF Membranes

Ultrafiltration or UF Membranes and Some of Their Important Uses  In contrast to simpler and more conventional methods of filtration in which relatively large particles of suspended solids are removed from a liquid by passage through coarsely porous materials, ultrafiltration offers a means to filter out far smaller suspended particles...
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Water Filtration Systems

Common Water Filtration Systems and their various Uses  While some water filtration systems in use today may be far more sophisticated, various means with which to remove the undissolved solids present in the liquid drawn from rivers or wells have been in use for many centuries. Since time began, however,...
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Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants for Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Use All living creatures are reliant upon water to sustain their lives. However, while some plants and animals have developed the means to survive on the bare minimum, among the human race, only those whose domicile is the desert have mastered this...
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