A Water Bottling Machine Could Empower Entrepreneurs in South Africa

There has probably never been a time in the country’s history when the need to promote informal employment has been as acute as it is today. Many of those with a driving license and a serviceable vehicle have been scrambling to ferry a few passengers or transport bulky goods for a small fee, while those who have a skill such as painting, plastering, sewing, and knitting, or some artistic talent, are promoting their services or selling their products to help pay the rent. However, one thing that every consumer needs is water, and thus a water bottling machine in South Africa and in most warm countries could well be the answer to an entrepreneur’s prayer.

Apart from the fact that all human beings must imbibe sufficient liquid in order to remain alive, our country, in common with many others, is currently experiencing a water crisis. This means that it is not even necessary to consider preparing more complex or costly beverages for sale when one considers that the local demand for bottled drinking water is now at an all-time high. So, what is likely to be involved if you should decide to set up and operate a water bottling machine in South Africa?

The first step will be to register the new business and its unique brand name with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) which you may do by mail or online. You will also need to open a company banking account and register your new business with SARS. Thereafter, because it is your plan to sell a product intended for human consumption, there will also be certain health regulations that must be complied with. Though previously bound by the same general safety and quality criteria as those applied to the production of food, this ceased in July 2007. Since then, anyone operating a water bottling machine in South Africa with the intention of selling their product to the public will be subject to monitoring and regulation by the Department of Health, which is charged with implementing the recommendations of SANBWA, the South African Natural Bottled Water Association.

You will be relieved to know that you don’t have to live within walking distance of a crystal-clear mountain spring or even to have a borehole in your back garden. In practice, with the right sort of pre-treatment, even the municipal supply from your kitchen tap can provide you with the primary requirement to turn a suitable water bottling machine into profitable business, especially since, in South Africa, more than 60% of all bottled water sold is of the unflavoured, still variety, quite possibly because it is now being widely seen as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

SANBWA recognises three qualities essential within the industry. Products should be healthy, have a pleasant taste, and be safe to drink. In turn, it identifies three classes of product that satisfy these criteria. It may be sourced from an underground aquifer as a natural product that requires no treatment. It may be defined by its origin such as a spring, a glacier, or rainwater and subjected only to antimicrobial treatments. Finally, the product of your water bottling machine may be sourced in South Africa from either surface or groundwater that has been treated to eliminate microorganisms without altering its natural chemical composition. Alternatively, in this category, it is also permissible to use municipal water from which any fluoride or chlorine compounds have been removed and essential minerals added.

With the preliminaries in place and your source or sources identified, all that remains is to purchase the necessary equipment. A leading supplier of water bottling machines to producers in South Africa, WaterIcon also fields a team of experts with the skills and experience to help you choose the most appropriate equipment and materials to best handle any treatment of your source, as well as to meet your estimated production figures. Depending on the latter and how much startup capital you may have, we stock a range of products with a filling capacity of from 60 to 5000 litres per hour, allowing you to start small and build up your production as demand and profits grow. Our manual, semi-, and fully-automatic water bottling machines and accessories are offered in South Africa as an all-inclusive package, customised to meet your precise requirements.

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