Take Your Power Station or Utility Plant to the Next Level with Cutting Edge De Min Plants

Water de min plants’ applications not only include power stations and utility plants but can offer value to many other industries. These types of water plants produce demineralised water by using ion technology. They can be used in hospitals, laboratories and in the production process of water, high pressure hot water boilers and in cooling water.

There are many benefits and advantages to this technology. De min plants feature modular designs which further provides extremely competitive prices. Their simple structure makes them even more user-friendly to operate with a corrosion-resistant and compact design.

WaterIcon is proud of our wide range of packaged de min plants and we continue to lead the way forward in the industry. Each of our plants are fully automatic demineralisation units which combine the most cutting edge Siata valve technology with the pragmatism of a skid mounted “plug and play” water treatment plant.

Full Design and Installation of De Min Plants by WaterIcon

If need be we also offer full design, build and installation of any sized application that you may require for a de min plant. WaterIcon’s de min range includes small packaged plants that can produce up to 60 LPH to the bigger industrial plants that can produce up to 100m3/Hr.

All WaterIcon de min plants make use of the very highest grades of Dow resins. These can easily be customised to various different applications. We also offer the option of portable de min plants that can easily be moved around as a complete containerised unit.

Our team of experienced industry experts are ready to help you enjoy the great technology of WaterIcon in your business and sector. Our packages plants include the following units:

  • WI De Ioniser;
  • DMP75;
  • DMP2 and
  • DMP5.

These are only a few of the many applications for WaterIcon’s de min plants:

  • Power stations and utility plants;
  • High pressure boiler feeds;
  • Wash water for computer chip manufacturers;
  • Pharmaceutical process water;
  • Micro-electronics, mining, chemical industry;
  • Petrochemical industry, oil refining, semiconductor manufacturing; and
  • Any processes where high purity water is required.

For those who are in need of specific sized plants, or would like to discuss any specific applications, WaterIcon will be able to far exceed all of your expectations.

WaterIcon’s Capabilities

We can guarantee excellent project delivery to each of our valued clients while at the same time guaranteeing the quality and safety of our equipment. Our seasoned project managers are able to deliver the very best solutions possible with control on the pricing and timing of each project.

Our turnkey solutions are ideal for industrial, municipal and residential applications. Forming part of WaterIcon’s turnkey solutions, we are able to provide full maintenance and operations services on a perpetual basis or per project basis. This will allow us to service and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants of all sizes. Additionally, we also work hard to ensure the safety, quality and health of controls.

The team of experts at WaterIcon is also able to train and develop our clients’ staff to effectively and expertly manage the day to day running of the plant. We always make our technical services available for any queries that may arise.

Our unique portfolio of technologies has drawn on the extensive experience of our world class research and development teams. Aside from our full range of expert water treatment services available to the benefit of our valued clients we also stock an extensive selection of high quality water systems, water faucets and fittings and water purification products. We have also worked hard to become a one-stop source for quality accessories and filters.

WaterIcon’s products are sold and distributed around the world. Our company is associated with some of the highest qualified and celebrated engineers who both design and manage our water treatment plants. We continue to apply best practices and we are in the process of attaining ISO 9001:2008 certification. This is just another way in which we strive to lead the way forward in de min plants and technology around the world.

If you would like to learn more about our cutting edge de min plants technology, contact WaterIcon to discuss all your requirements.

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