Economical Water Solutions for the Mining Industry

The mining industry is highly dependent on effective water solutions and is reliant on a steady supply of large quantities of water. Mining operations are water intensive and thus require solutions for recycling and re-using of water. In addition, waste water and sludge must be treated before disposal to prevent contamination of environmental resources.

The industry is also profit driven and with low profit margins, it is essential to minimise the costs of water usage. The industry operations are furthermore subject to strict environmental legislation.

We provide several water solutions for helping the mining industry to:

  • Reduce costs of water usage.
  • Reduce environmental impact of operations.
  • Recycle and re-use water.
  • Comply with environmental regulations.
  • Ensure a steady supply of water.
  • Treat wastewater cost-effectively.
  • Supply of drinking water 

Water Analysis

Water analysis precedes any water treatment process. We can handle the complete analysis for your mining house and thereby help you gain objective reporting on the quality of the water and treatments needed. We provide you with the sample testing guidelines as well.


Our water solutions for the mining industry range from water treatment for all types of mining processes to treatment of acid mine water and the drainage thereof. We also provide solutions for wastewater management, sludge stream, and sewage water treatment as well as water re-usage. Whether you need potable water supply to your mine camps or need to ensure adequate acid water drainage, you can rely on our expertise to ensure optimal efficiency, quality, and cost savings.

Acid Mine Water Treatment Solutions

One of the main concerns in mining operations is how to deal with acid mine water. The water often contains highly toxic and also radioactive materials. Disposal of such should only be done after proper treatment to minimise environmental impact and health risks to surrounding communities.

We make use of a range of membrane separation and reverse osmosis technologies to treat the acid mine water before discharging it into the environment. We even have the technologies to create high quality potable water from acid mine water, which helps clients in the mining sector to comply with environmental legislation and to reduce expenses associated with water usage. With our solutions it’s possible to recycle and reuse the once acid mine water.

The main technologies used for treating mine related water include that of microfiltration, desalination, containerised plants, and mineral processing.


It’s a technology that involves separation whereby bacteria is removed from the water. The technology is used where particles to be removed are greater than 0.1 mm. It is effectively used for effluent treatment and pre-treatment of water for reverse osmosis.


It involves the removal of salt and minerals from seawater to make the water usable for mining industries and to ensure potable drinking water. The solution helps to reduce the environmental impact of mines.

Containerised Plants

We supply and install pre-packaged water treatment plants that can handle from 1200 m3 per day to 4800 m3 per day. The larger plants normally have more permanent structures. The pre-packaged units can be delivered within a short timeframe and can be assembled on site or completely pre-packaged delivered.

We can supply the plants where mining clients require water treatment solutions to overcome temporary lack of treatment plants because of maintenance issues or for off-site and remote shorter projects.

Mineral Processing

Ion exchange is one of the methods used for mineral processing. Ion containing solutions are treated through a process of separation and decontamination. With ion exchangers we’re able to remove anions and cations from water.

Call us to discuss water solutions that will work for your mining operations.

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