Industrial Water Treatment Solutions in South Africa

WaterIcon is a trusted supplier of industrial water treatment products, equipment and solutions throughout Southern Sub-Saharan Africa. Some the industries that benefit from our industrial water treatment services and products are briefly discussed below to give you an idea of the extensiveness of our services.

Power Industry

The power industry has to deal with strict environmental regulations and thus require advanced water treatment solutions that can also help them to comply with the regulations.  We provide an extensive range of water treatment solutions to the power industry including for instance:

  • Cooling tower water treatment.
  • Flue-gas desulphurisation.
  • Water chemical conditioning.
  • Pre-treatment solutions.
  • Boiler feed water treatment.
  • Ensuring that water quality requirements are met.

Since the boiler house is the most important component of any industrial power plant and must operate 24/7 it is essential to treat the feed water to ensure continues operation of the boilers. With effective water treatment the lifespan of steam turbines, pumps, and condensers can also be prolonged.

Through clean boiler feed supply it is possible to reduce maintenance costs and to ensure optimal and uninterrupted working of the boiler house. The treatment of the boiler feed water entails technologies such as chemical dosing, clarification, media filtration, ultra filtration, ion exchange for softening and demineralisation, reverse osmosis and de-aeration.

We also provide condensate polishing technology and solutions to allow for reusing of boiler feed water. The water cannot be re-used if not purified as suspended particles can cause machinery damage.

The process entails the usage of ion exchange technology that helps to reduce the presence of suspended solids and trace dissolved minerals.

A third important component of power industrial plants is that of the cooling towers. The cooling towers must be supplied with water on an ongoing basis. If the water is not properly treated such can cause corrosion in the cooling tower which can lead to shorting of the cooling tower lifespan and downtime. This is also where environmental regulations come into play. To ensure that safe and clean water is returned to the environment it’s essential to treat the water. We assess client needs and work with them to ensure relevant solutions.

Oil & Gas Industry

The oil & gas industry uses a lot of water in their manufacturing processes and must thus minimise the use of clean drinkable water by making use of grey water. Unfortunately grey water cannot be used directly and we thus help the industry to install and manage suitable petro chemical water treatment systems. This allows for water re-using and clean supply water.

We offer solutions ranging from primary and secondary oil/water separation to biological treatments, dissolved air flotation and tertiary treatments. Other treatment methods include sludge treatment and disposal and zero liquid discharge.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry also has many environmental regulations to comply with and needs to minimise the pressure on existing water resources. We provide a range of industrial water treatment services to the industry that includes from management of the recovery and re-using of wastewater to batch treatment processes for paints. In addition, we also ensure solutions to guarantee uninterrupted supply of high quality water for paint lines.

Technologies used include that of micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, flocculation and coagulation in addition to zero liquid discharge.

Mining Industry

The industry relies on the constant supply of water for operation. We help the industry to re-use water and thereby reduce their environmental impact while also saving on the costs of water.

Our solutions for the industry range from water treatment to ensure clean water for all the mining processes, waste water management, sludge stream treatment, acid mine water treatment and sewage water treatment. Technologies such as micro-filtration, desalination, pre-packed water plants and mineral processing solutions are used.

Pulp & Paper Industry

The industry makes use of raw material and has high volumes of waste water that needs to be recycled. The water must be treated before it can be recycled or discharged into the environment. We provide solutions to allow for re-using of water, recovery of the water and high grade process water supply. Technologies that apply include from clarification and reverse osmosis to micro filtration and physic-chemical, biological as well as zero liquid discharge treatment methods.

View our range of industrial water treatment solutions and contact us for a solution that will meet your specific industry requirements.

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