The Ecological Benefits of Industrial Water Treatments

Economical mine wastewater treatment technologies in South Africa help reduce the effects on the environment. The process involves extracting minerals from the water streams, treats mine sludge and aids in the re use of the water process. Majority of the mine water treatment solutions are custom built to provide the specific requirements of mining applications, whether mining for coal, copper, uranium, nickel, gold or other such minerals.

Such treatments have successfully aided mining companies worldwide to limit pollution, refine minerals, drive profitability and reduce waste. The pre-industrial water treatment includes processing water for re-use, pipeline design and supply, surface, ground and grey water treatment as well as desalination of seawater. The leach liquor filtration technology recovers precious minerals and metals from leach streams and other such process water.

Specialised Water Treatments for Industrial Waste

The technology for processing mine water includes removal of pollutants such as cyanide, chromium, iron, arsenic, magnesium, heavy metals, suspended solids and others. In addition, tailings pond management includes discharge legislation compliance, dewatering and drying, mine water balance management and control and water recovery and re-use. The complete range of mine water treatment includes clarification, filtration, biological processes, disinfection, package plants, ion exchange, desalination, no liquid discharge, membrane separation, evaporation and crystallization and sludge treatment and handling.

Cost effective and highly reliable modular water and wastewater treatment plants are supplied which are well suited to managing the water requirements of people living out of the way locations. Industrial water treatment includes the upgrade of water to drinkable standards as well as wastewater for discharge. In addition, treatments help the gas and oil industry to greatly reduce their environmental impact, optimize production processes, and refine higher quality products and lower production costs.

These Treatments are Expertly Designed for Sustainable Production Practices

Such innovative solutions prepare water for use during production processes, reduce raw water intake, within the plant supply water for re-use and supply water that is safe for discharge. Innovative technologies such as these include biological treatment, sludge disposal and treatment, clarification, primary oil and water separation, tertiary treatment, secondary oil and water separation and no liquid discharge, using a high performance filtration system.

Oils and water separation includes free solids and oil separation, dissolving air flotation, API separation, ceramic membranes with UF, removable oil filters and separation using tilted plates. The tertiary treatment includes micro filtration, reverse osmosis, Nano-filtration and ultra filtration as well as a bioreactor membrane. Biological treatments comprise of a moving bed bio film reactor, off gas bio filter, membrane bioreactor, sludge batch and a media fixed fluidized film.

Water Treatment that’s in Line with the Current Environmental Practices

Using practices which are sustainable for profitable wastewater and portable water management. Such treatments require the proper technologies that meet the purification and disinfection specifications. For food and beverage water treatments activated carbon filtration and membrane and multimedia filtration is used as well as UV disinfectant.

This type of treatment facilitates supplying high grade portable water that helps manufacturers produce final quality products, no liquid discharge, reducing the overall raw water intake by supplying re-usable water and in turn helps to improve profits and reduce production costs. There are various types of water treatment solutions in South Africa that offer the latest technologies that also offer cooling water production, water re-use, chemical conditioning and power plant water treatment solutions that reduces raw water intake.

Industrial Water Treatment for Safe Water Discharge

These solutions provide water safe for discharge, improve environmental practices as well as supply re-usable processed water. In addition the treatment systems extend plants lifespan as treatments minimize deposits and scaling and these solutions long term are cost effective. Water treatment solutions include treatments such as the removal of colloidal substances, magnesium, suspended solids and iron from water.

Cleaner water is discharged into the environment as treatments reduce corrosion in blow down systems and heavy metals are removed such as gypsum and other and the water is recycled and re-usable. For example paper and pulp water treatment is essential for wastewater that is generated by the manufacturing of paper and pulp process. Specific treatments are required before re used or discharged by paper mills. For a cost effective water treatment solution, view the various options available online today.

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