Filtration Techniques – Media Used in Water Filtration Systems of South Africa

As a leading supplier of advanced water filtration systems in South Africa to industry, commerce, municipalities and residents, we offer several types of filtration techniques according to client requirements and application needs.

What is filtration?

Filtration is done once clarification of the water is completed. It is the process whereby the remainder of particles, micro-pollutants, organic pollutants, and heavy metals is removed.

We apply filtration techniques to industrial effluent water, process water treatment, as well as municipal wastewater, and drinking water. In addition, filtration techniques are also applied to protect equipment against particles which have not been dissolved in water.

Some of the filtration media we use in the water filtration systems are briefly introduced to help you make an informed buying decision.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is used in carbon filtering systems to remove impurities and contaminants from the water through a process of chemical absorption. The carbon is oxygen treated, which opens tiny pores as well as heated to high temperatures to ensure maximum absorption. The activated carbon has a huge surface, allowing for optimal bonding with the chemicals.

The activated carbon is thus ideal for the trapping of organic chemicals. It’s also effective in trapping chlorine.

Applications include water purification, air purification and gas processing whereby siloxans can be removed from biogases. The main benefit of the medium is that it traps chlorine and organic compounds to help reduce odour of water and some harmful chemicals. Note that it will not remove salts or minerals.

There is a range of activated carbon that Water Icon stocks and supply’s from Granular to powdered and a range of different base materials such as coal , coconut , lignite , peat and pips.

Crushed Anthracite

The crushed anthracite is used for water filtration because of its density. We select only anthracite that shows uniformity and meets gravity, hardness, size and acid solubility requirements. The crushed anthracite has a fractured shape, which allows for longer filter runs and fewer backwash rates. The medium provides higher service flows than normal sand filters and because of its unique density properties it can also be used with other filtration media.

It is applied in RO systems, ion exchange units, desalination, and waste water systems as well as pool and other water filters. The medium is suitable for applications in the gas, steel & iron, paper & pulp, wine, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and purification industries.


The main usage for limestone is for pH level treatment in water. We can supply high quality limestone for treatment of large quantities of acid mine water. We also use the limestone in the making of the big blue whole house filter system for raising the pH of borehole water. If you see green or bluish stains on your basins or baths, it may be as the result of the pH in the water that causes corroding. By getting a limestone filter from us, you can easily solve the problem.

Maddox® Ion Exchange Catalyst

Commonly referred to as Green Sand, the medium has a homogeneous granular texture allowing for the extraction of dissolved salts of arsenic, alumina, iron and manganese normally present in the raw water of South Africa. It’s also well-suited for removal of tannins, chlorides, and hydrogen sulphide.

The medium is used in filtering systems, ion exchange units, mobile water supply equipment and water treatment plants as well as RO systems and desalination in addition to pool filters and waste water systems.

The above, are but a few types of media available from us. We also supply and use:

  • Silica sand
  • Siliphos
  • Zeolite
  • Magnetite
  • Garnet
  • Arsenex
  • Activated alumina

Contact us for immediate and professional assistance in selection and usage of the correct filter medium and water filtration systems in South Africa.

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