Affordable and High Quality Residential Water Treatment Solutions

WaterIcon is a leading provider of residential water treatment solutions in South Africa.

Projects include turnkey solutions for:

  • Residential estates
  • Environmental estates
  • Golfing estates
  • Holiday resorts
  • Hotels
  • Residential homes
  • Retirement villages

We provide water treatment solutions to turn brackish and borehole water into potable drinking water. With our solutions it’s possible to treat effluent, ensuring the re-using of water and thus lower of the environmental impact of residential estates. Our product offering includes from reverse osmosis filters to pre-packaged modular units suitable for large scale applications.

Municipal potable water treatment solutions (smaller scale)

We offer a range of small-scale municipal water treatment solutions suitable for:

  • Construction sites
  • Schools
  • Golfing and other residential estates
  • Housing projects
  • Exploration sites

Our solutions include the supply of complete module potable water treatment units for turning brackish water into potable water suitable for household usage and drinking. The units are customised to meet client needs and we either assemble the units on site or provide such as pre-packaged solutions, depending on the size and flow rate needed.

The modular units can be used to desalinate seawater for provision of potable water and can also be used to turn river, groundwater, and dam water into potable water. Treatment methods range from filtration, media and membrane filtration, clarification and reverse osmosis to seawater desalination as well as oxidation and disinfection.

Residential estate and home swimming pool filtration solutions

We are one of the first water treatment companies to have introduced the usage of non-metal pipe work and corrosion free materials to water treatment of swimming pools in South Africa. We supply strainers made from GRP with stainless steel baskets and cast iron pumps, which have bronze impellers. The filters available are dual media and made from glass reinforced polyester. With such then, we provide durable pool systems.

Solutions for water features

Companies and residential estates today make extensive use of water features to create tranquil and softer landscapes. We have a solid track record in the supply of large water features. Our product solutions include:

  • Weirs
  • Design of over-flow edges
  • Clear water circulation
  • Nozzle placement
  • Electrical controls
  • Hydraulic design
  • Lighting
  • Waterfalls
  • Programmable logic controllers for fountains

Aquatic life support systems

Our solutions and water filtration equipment are widely used in maintenance of aquatic systems in South Africa. We’ve proven our leadership in the industry by being the first company in South Africa to implement dual media filtration in marine water treatments. We offer highly advanced bio-filters for optimal maintenance of aquatic systems, ensuring top quality water and thus optimal life support.

Closer look at two of the technologies used

Clarification involves the removal of particulate matter such as natural organic matter and sediments that can colour the water. It also entails removal of suspended solids. With clarification, water is made clear. It’s the first step in surface and normal waste water treatment.

With this process, screening takes place ensuring that the downstream structure isn’t clogged or damaged by larger particles. We make use of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) for clarification. The technique includes application of air to water under high pressure whereby air bubbles are release in the water. The air bubbles attach to the suspended matter, causing it to float to the surface for easy skimming and thus removal.

Filtration follows clarification and is the process whereby any remainder particles, micro-pollutants, organic matter and heavy metals are removed from the water. We make use of and supply a variety of filters ranging from screen to disk, slow sand filter beds, cloth types and rapid sand as well as media filters.

View our full range of residential water treatment services and call on us for professional assistance in the selection, design and implementation of treatment systems to meet your particular water treatment needs.

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