The Diverse Roles of Water Treatment Companies

The average South African, when asked about the role of water treatment companies, would be unlikely to think much further than those that are responsible for ensuring that the output from our taps is potable and free of pathogens. Others who may work within a relevant industry are likely to show rather more insight. Their references would probably include the equally important responsibility for treating industrial effluents that might otherwise result in harmful substances being releases into the environment or in the recycling of contaminated liquid in order that it may be re-used.

In practice, the need for this type of activity is far more extensive and actually requires some organisations to specialise in a single type of operation. When, for instance, some super-tanker runs aground or an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico accidentally voids a few hundred thousand gallons of crude oil into the surrounding ocean, the required clean-up procedures are vastly different from the average and, although the mission is not to achieve potability, it is vital to the local ecology which in turn can effect vast areas and those who depend upon the sea for their living.

On a rather more modest and less dramatic scale, perhaps, firms such as WaterIcon, an acknowledged leader in the field of aquatic purification in Southern Africa, perform a range of tasks that are every bit as important to the environment and to sustaining human, animal and plant life.

WaterIcon would be the organisation to approach when, for instance, there may be a need to render the product of a borehole suitable for drinking as well as for irrigation purposes. In fact, in addition to simply purifying the flow, it is also able to supply the equipment and expertise to add a bottling plant that could help an aspiring entrepreneur to create a thriving business.

The mining, automotive, petroleum, chemical, food and healthcare industries are just a few examples of the many areas in which the demand for the specialised services and equipment of water treatment companies like WaterIcon continues to grow.

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