Planning and Managing Successful Bottling Plants of all Types

When it comes to managing bottling plants of various sizes with efficiency and professionalism, you will find that WaterIcon has just the solution for you. We have a number of packages available for you to choose from, each with its benefits and features to make your management tasks not only easier, but safer and more convenient too.

When you approach WaterIcon to assist you in setting up any type of bottling plants, you will find that our systems can run off just about any water source. This means that you we can assist you with river, stream, borehole and even municipal water supplies. Not only can we install such a plant for you, but we can also manage and maintain if for you too – the ultimate convenience can be provided by our team. Once the plant has been installed and set up, we will ensure that you are provided with user manuals and instructions that will assist you with step by step running tasks for the plant.

Many have realised that this sort of plant or business is a great way to create jobs in South Africa. In fact, it is a way in which to encourage entrepreneurship and have members of the community being funded by the government in order to succeed in not only setting up their own business, but making a valuable and sustainable profit from it.

Various plant sizes and equipment can be provided by our team and what you invest in will ideally be linked to your available budget and interests. For instance we can assist with all inclusive packages that have absolutely everything required included, manual plants, semi-automatic plants, fully automatic plants, labelling machines, bottle producers and all the required accessories and equipment. The filling capacity that we can support ranges from 60LPH to 5000LPH and you will also find that we can customise any plant to suit your requirements perfectly.

We have a great online consulting service where you can leave requests via our website for free and one of our professional consultants will get in touch with you. In order to provide you with a professional quotation you will need to provide with some vital information. This includes details of where your water is sourced from. It could be municipal, borehole or similar. The results of a professional water analysis must be provided. If you have not yet had one carried out, you can have the service provided by us – simply request further information about this from one of our consultants. We would need to know just how many bottles you would need to process per hour. This capacity is usually decided on by the type of plant you want installed. It is important to consider a small amount of growth within the initial start-up months so don’t limit yourself too much here.

Once we have this information from you we can provide you with an estimate on the costs involved and also advise you in the construction, installation and management processes involved in running such a plant. With many years of experience behind us, following our guidelines will certainly assist you.

WaterIcon is a team that wants nothing less than to ensure that your new business venture is a success. If you require repairs and maintenance for an existing plant, we can assist with that too at a cost effective rate. Our team members who are all qualified engineers and tradesmen in the industry will ensure that your every need is met and that you are provided with the opportunity to succeed in this field. If you require any professional advice and guidance in the bottling world, we are certainly the team to approach for assistance. You can expect for dedicated team members to provide you with their undivided attention while they are attending to your needs.

Running a successful plant of this kind is something that can be a simple task if you know precisely what to do and how to do it. At WaterIcon we will ensure that you are made aware of all the operating procedures and that safe handling of them is made clear. For bottling plants that are easy to run, convenient and bound to make a profit, turn to us at WaterIcon. You will certainly never look back.

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