The Water Treatment Process – Now a Vital Requirement for Life

Potable, fresh water is a vital but fast diminishing resource. Without the aid of various treatment processes, all human life on our planet could, very quickly, become threatened. The needs of consumers, changing climatic conditions and several other emerging factors have combined to make it increasingly difficult to maintain adequate supplies and this has created a need for efficient purification technology.

The Natural Balancing Act

In an unpopulated environment, moisture evaporates from rivers and seas and is drawn into the upper atmosphere where, in the colder conditions, it then condenses and is precipitated in the form of rain to be returned to its source. Such activity is known as homeostasis and is self-sustaining, cyclic and is nature’s own form of purification.

To maintain animal life, a steady intake of this vital solvent is required and the amount needed will vary according to climate and activity. Although every millilitre ingested will be returned to the external environment in the form of perspiration, moisture in exhaled air and as urine and faecal matter, the bulk of this would remain undrinkable without the intervention of plants and bacteria that slowly work to redress any imbalance.

The Consequences of Disturbing this Balance

Once this precious, life-giving fluid is utilised for large scale industrial purposes such as mining and petrochemical production, this invariably gives rise to effluents with high levels of contaminants. These are often extremely toxic and the type of cleansing required can no longer be handled by purely natural activities.

Today, adequate purification can only be achieved by specialised human interventions in the form of a suitable water treatment process. The precise nature of that intervention will vary according to the prevailing circumstances.

Providing effective Solutions

One well known and widely respected local organisation that has specialised in the implementation of a range of effective purification solutions is WaterIcon.  Since it first opened its doors, the company has grown steadily and has rapidly become one of the nation’s largest manufacturers and importers of the filters and related equipment essential to this vital task.

WaterIcon is actually the brand name under which the Beijing-based, international parent company, Yuanlai Trading, operates in South Africa. It has offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town and, utilising the extensive research and practical experience gleaned over a decade and a half by its founder, it applies a broad portfolio of technologies in order to provide workable solutions for any situation in which purification is an essential requirement.

Products and Services for all Contingencies

The need for these services and the products with which to perform them is widespread and the demands arising from domestic, commercial and industrial sources as well as from municipalities continue to increase. Each of these sources has differing needs that, in turn, will require quite different solutions although a lot of the basic underlying technology is relevant in multiple situations.

On the residential scene, the scale of the requirements can vary considerably from those of an entire housing development or a hotel chain to those of a single dwelling. One of the most common needs is to provide a water treatment process that can render the brackish product of a borehole suitable for drinking rather than remaining limited for use in irrigation systems.

Perhaps less vital but equally useful are the anti-corrosive filtration systems that WaterIcon offers for use in structures such as swimming pools and various types of ornamental pond. Not only do these systems have a far greater life-span than the average product but they also contribute to a cleaner aquatic environment.

Within the industrial market, the requirements can vary considerably in their nature and scale as well as in the required degree of purification. WaterIcon provides services and products and can design and implement tailored, turnkey solutions for use in fields as divergent as power generation, oil and gas production, mining and paper production where contaminated effluents must be rendered safe for disposal or re-use.

In food production and healthcare applications the role of the company changes to that of maintaining a consistent aquatic input free of all pollutants and thus suitable for the manufacture of products intended for human ingestion.

Though we don’t always relish paying municipal rates and taxes, much of those funds are utilised by councils to employ the services of companies such as WaterIcon that, mostly without the knowledge of ratepayers, are responsible for the water treatment process that ensures the output from our taps will remain safe.

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