Understanding Our Water Treatment Process

WaterIcon is a leading provider of innovative and advanced water treatment processes in South Africa. We offer solutions suitable for a wide scope of applications ranging from residential water purification to industrial plant and municipal water treatment solutions. Our turnkey solutions are available for any size operation. Whether you thus want a mobile solution or installed treatment plant, we can assist.

With our focus on ecologically friendly water treatment processes, we thus contribute to sustainable development on the African continent. Since we want our clients to make informed decisions that will benefit them in the long run, we offer information below to help clients understand our water treatment process technologies.

The main technologies that we offer and which are implemented at our treatment plants include, but are not limited to:

  • Clarification treatment processes.
  • Water filtration by means of membranes and carbon activated solutions.
  • Ion exchange separation and decontamination.
  • Ultraviolet water purification systems.
  • Desalination for purification of salt water.

The process offered depends on the client requirements. Our team of engineers and skilled trade persons work closely with clients to determine the best method to be used. We ensure that the process selected is cost-effective and complies with the relevant environmental regulations.


Through the clarification process, any suspended solids and matter such as oil, sediment and colour can be removed with clear water as the end-result. It’s normally one of the first water treatment steps in cleaning surface and waste water. Any obstructions are removed and the process is then followed by filtration.

We offer Dissolved Air Flotation methods for wastewater treatment whereby air is added to the water under pressure. The pressure helps to release air bubbles, which in turn adhere to any suspended or floating matter. The floating matter is then removed from the surface through a skimming process.

Typical applications include municipal wastewater treatment, removal of oil and grease in the effluents from industrial processes, fine filtration, and sedimentation.



Once clarification has been done to remove debris from water, filtration is used to remove any remaining heavy metals and micro-pollutants. The process is used for the treatment of municipal waste water, industrial effluent, process water and drinking water. Filtration is furthermore important for the protection of equipment against particles in water. Several types of filters are available, though we mainly use activated carbon filtration and membrane based processes.

Ion Exchange

The ion exchange process is used for the separation and decontamination of ion-containing solutions. It involves the application of resin that contains solid polymeric or mineralic ion exchangers that exchange with the cations and anions that form salt. Through this process, the cations and anions can be removed, allowing for softening of water for home usage. The process is also applied for metals recovery, pharmaceutical processes and demineralisation of boiler feed water.


Through the use of Ultraviolet water filtration treatment systems, water can be disinfected, sterilised, and polished. Apart from offering the treatment processes for industries, we also offer a small range of UV systems for residential application. The UV systems are low on maintenance and mostly only require replacement of the lamps at the end of their lifecycles. With the UV treatment process bacteria, viruses and Protozoan cyst can be destroyed.  No chemicals are needed and the danger of overdosing the water is thus non-existent.


Desalination involves a process whereby salt water can be made potable. It can also be used for the recovery of valuable products needed in the manufacturing industry and in treating industrial or municipal wastewater.

The process entails the usage of a thin-film polyamide Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane that has three layers. The layers are arranged in a spiral wound design, allowing for the removal of salt while ensuring that the clean water can be recovered. We make use of the well-known brand, YarnHome®. The brand is associated with high quality and durable products.

The above introduction to the various water treatment processes serves only as an overview of what we offer clients. For more information on each of the processes, review our products and technologies offered.

Call us today to help you choose the most relevant and cost-effective water treatment process for your specific applications.

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