A Water Bottling Plant Could be an Excellent Business Opportunity

Investing in a water bottling plant is both a means of meeting one of the country’s growing needs whilst also establishing a business with the potential to provide some welcome profits. Depending upon the scale of the planned project, it could also serve to provide some badly needed employment opportunities, especially for those in rural areas where such opportunities are few and far between and where job creation initiatives may often qualify for some form of government or NGO subsidy.

At a smallholding or small farm, for instance, the output from a borehole may be perfectly acceptable for irrigation purposes but totally unsuitable for drinking or cooking. Should they be required, there are various very effective and inexpensive treatments that may be used in order to purify sufficient quantities for use on a domestic scale, However, if the supply from the borehole, river or stream is sufficient, then some form of initial purification could turn out to be just the first stage in the process of establishing a lucrative commercial operation.

No Special Skills Needed

This is not one of those opportunities that is limited to someone with a technical or engineering background or with some other relevant skill set. In fact, there is no requirement for such specialised skills or for anything beyond a genuine desire to become involved and to build a successful business. Everything that will be needed is available from a single supplier with outlets in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

WaterIcon is a company that specialises in the manufacture and supply of the equipment used for various water purification treatments as well as the bottling plants that are employed for the creation of a potable, professionally packaged, commercial product.

A Few Important Preliminary Steps

The nature of the equipment that will be required for a commercial venture is likely to depend mainly upon two factors and these will need to be determined before placing an order. Firstly, the composition of the source, which may be a borehole, a river or stream or even a municipal supply, will have to be evaluated. This is done by means of a range of chemical and physical tests. The results of these tests will dictate the various treatments that are likely to prove necessary and thus will also define the processing equipment that will be required. In this way, each individual installation can then be tailored so as to meet the precise requirements of the prevailing conditions.

With the product quality assured, the next need is to estimate the probable production quantities. WaterIcon offers systems with the capacity to handle volumes from just 60 litres per hour up to a substantial 5,000 litres per hour. A combination of the planned capacity, the available capital and whether a more or less labour-intensive operation is the intention, the company offers clients a choice of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic water bottling plants.

Getting Started

Once your requirements have been defined, WaterIcon will begin the process of designing and assembling your turnkey package which will then be delivered to your site upon completion. The equipment will be accompanied by all the necessary manuals containing the comprehensive and detailed instruction on how to set it up and to begin operating your installation. However, the company can also undertake this task on your behalf and also offers a maintenance plan for those who may feel the need.

There is a full range of related accessories that includes items such as labelling machines as well as the equipment needed to produce the empty bottles.

A Steadily Growing Demand

Recent years have seen consumers becoming more concerned about the quality of municipal supplies. The result has been that the demand for the purified bottled product is now estimated to be growing by a factor of around 20 per cent each year. This is creating a parallel need for more producers and an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneur.

One thing to be born in mind is that the product is defined as a food and is required to comply with the health and safety standards originally defined by SANBWA (South African Bottled Water Association) as monitored by the Department of Health. As a result, strict standards of cleanliness will be mandatory at all times. The association also requires that defined tests are conducted regularly and the documented results submitted annually.

WaterIcon, fortunately, is uniquely positioned to assist in all matters pertaining to your water bottling plant.

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