Professional Design, Construction and Management of Your Water Treatment Plant

Treating water to ensure that it is healthy, sanitary and hygienic is absolutely essential in this day and age. At WaterIcon’s water treatment plant we ensure that systems and processes are designed to handle this task with relative ease, and with efficiency that provides much needed peace of mind.

Our main focus is on designing and building turnkey solutions that are ideal for municipal, industrial and even residential purposes. With our assistance and programs you will find that you can save on more than just time and effort. We can help to minimise the expected costs of capital investment, engineering and pumping. All of our equipment and machinery is made from only corrosion-free materials. This is the ideal solution to any potential corrosion fears and problems.

While we design, construct and manage these types of plants for municipalities, complexes and similar; we can provide our services to smaller enterprises and situations too. This is often the case at excavation sites, mining areas and construction sites where fresh and treated water is required, but is unfortunately not readily available. Here we provide what is called a Packaged Plant which is a temporary unit that can easily be moved and self-contained. These general units are for small capacity and can handle approximately 1200 m3/day of water treatment. If you require something bigger, we can design and assemble structures that are semi-permanent and are able to handle treatment of water of up to 4800 m3/day.

Placing an order for one of these units is quick and easy. We can pre-assemble it so that it is merely dropped off with you, or our team can deliver it and assemble it for you, on site. These particular units can also be used within rural areas where it is not deemed viable to construct a complete water treatment plant.

In addition to this, we also provide effective maintenance and servicing assistance. We can provide this service on an ongoing basis, or can offer it to you for the duration of the time that we spend working on your particular project. Our maintenance services can be extended to water treatment and waste water treatment centres and we will make sure that all safety and health quality control is properly handled. Once we have completed your plant’s construction, we will ensure that your staff members are provided with professional training to ensure that they know how to make full use of all the functionalities and features and that they do so safely. Safety at such a plant is of the utmost importance and our team will ensure that you are aware of all the precautions to take and set in place.

WaterIcon has been operating in the field since 1998. We have a firm grasp of processes and procedures in place and have access to a team of qualified and experienced tradesmen and engineers. Whether you are looking to comply with environmental standards, reduce general running costs or increase overall efficiency at your plant, we are the team to approach for assistance.  We are comfortable creating new plants or working on and managing existing or semi completed plants. There is simply no task too big or too small for our professional team.

When it comes to ensuring that water supplies are clean, fresh and sanitary we at WaterIcon step up to the plate. Our systems make use of modern technologies and our dedicated team ensures that each plant constructed and managed is operating to full potential and with complete safety in place. Our attention to detail and willingness to provide our clients with a wealth of product related information and advice is what ensures us a loyal client base and long standing relationships with both new and existing customers.

Whether you are looking to have a new water treatment plant designed, constructed and managed or would like a Package Plant to be provided and maintained, we at WaterIcon have the tools, skills and know-how to professionally assist you. By chatting to one of our friendly and professional sales consultants you can be assisted with developing the perfect solution to all of your water cleansing and treatment needs. We are standing by to assist in any way possible.

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