Watericon Celebrates Project Completion

The project, which included a purpose-built on-site water treatment plant, both reduced the high hardness of available water while also increasing the production capability of the cement factory. “High hardness levels in available water sources, whether they are river or borehole, can significantly impact the ability to perform optimally,” says...
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Cementing Their Position: Watericon Celebrates Project Completion

Watericon, a South African-based water treatment solutions company, recently celebrated the implementation of another successful project, this time at one of the country’s leading cement producers in Limpopo. The project, which included a purpose-built on-site water treatment plant, both reduced the high hardness of available water while also increasing the...
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The Convenience and Compromise of Containerized Plants

“Package Plant” has become a buzzword within the water treatment sector from mining to agriculture, from municipal to industrial – even residential. Other words synonymous with package plants are “Plug-and-Play”, “Containerized” and “Decentralized” to name a few of the most often heard. It’s not difficult to understand the popularity of...
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Dissolved Air Flotation for Edible Oil Effluent Treatment

Introduction (What is DAF and how it Works) DAF or Dissolved Air Flotation is a Physio-chemical treatment strategy which utilises the proven efficiency of coagulation-flocculation in combination with injection of very fine air bubbles which attach to and float the flocculated particles to the surface. From here they can be...
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Water We Going To Do About Water Pollution in Communities

Freshwater availability is a concern across the globe, from developing nations to first-world countries. In South Africa, the contamination of water resources through pollution and industrial wastewater is one of the biggest threats to a sustainable water supply across the country. According to Watericon’s General Manager, Chris Ashmore, many communities...
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Water Filtration Solutions

Water Filtration Solutions Through the Ages In around 500 BC, almost 2 400 years before Pasteur eventually established the link between microscopic organisms and disease, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates recognised the need for water filtration solutions. He recommended immersion in cold water for the treatment of feverish patients. Furthermore,...
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Borehole Water Treatment

Add a Water Treatment Plant to Fully Exploit Your Borehole Although we now have more efficient tools to perform the task, humans have been digging holes in the ground to access subterranean water sources for millennia. In settlements far from a river or lake, the village well has long been...
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Commercial Water Treatment

The Purpose and Nature of Commercial Water Treatment Given that we live in an age when potable water is readily available to the homes and businesses in our cities and towns, we seldom give a thought to the processes that are necessary to achieve this, or even why those processes...
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Water Treatment in the Food and Beverage Industry

Needless to say, local municipalities and utility companies must take every precaution when cleaning up the water that they distribute to a nation’s homes and businesses. However, there are still occasions on which the domestic supply may fail to meet the purity standards that are considered necessary for a given...
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