Group Five – Down Low Construction Package Plant Refurb – Case Study


Construction Industry
Refurbish and Commission

Problem Statement
Our client requested Watericon’s assistance with the scoping and refurbishment of 2 x water treatment containers that have been poorly maintained and possibly non-operational in the last 6-12 months. The project was based in the Limpopo region.

Watericon, together with the client’s team stripped the majority of the components, compiled a comprehensive list of what was required and swiftly procured all the necessary parts locally and internationally.

Plant Feed

  • Brackish borehole water

Performance Target

  • Plant successfully refurbished and commissioned
  • 35-45 m3/hr water production per container ~ 90 m3/hr total
  • Recovery of 70-75%
  • TDS reduction of > 98%


  • Borehole water from multiple sources with high conductivity (estimated feed TDS of 2000-3000)
  • Low pressure feed pump
  • High flow cartridges in series (20 micron 🡪 5 micron)
  • Anti-scalant dosing
  • Toray brackish water RO membranes

How Our Client Benefitted

Watericon will assist our clients in whichever way they require. Our flexible, customer-centric approach means we will go the extra mile to ensure that our clients’ projects are successful. Whether our clients require a complete rapid-deploy containerized plant or a rapid-deploy team who can lead a swift refurbishment and optimization of such a plant, our commitment is unfaltering.

Watericon’s experience and expertise makes us a valuable asset in any water related project.

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