Ultra filtration is a pressure-dependent process which removes dissolved solids and other substances from water, but to a lesser extend than nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. The pores of ultra filtration membranes can remove particles of 0.001 – 0.1 µm from fluids.

Ultrafiltration is mainly used for water pre-treatment processes.

  • Dialysis and other blood treatments
  • Concentration of milk before making cheese
  • Downstream processing (e.g., concentration) of biotechnology-derived proteins (e.g., therapeutic antibodies)
  • Desalting and solvent-exchange of proteins (via diafiltration)
  • Fractionation of proteins
  • Clarification of fruit juice
  • Recovery of vaccines and antibiotics from fermentation broth
  • Laboratory grade water purification
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Drinking water disinfection (including removal of viruses)
  • Removal of endocrines and pesticides combined with Suspended Activated Carbon pretreatment

WaterIcon’s ultrafiltration products include the complete range of Ultraviolet Water Filtration Systems

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