Municipal Water Treatment Solutions

WaterIcon undertakes small to large scale municipal projects to service community water requirements. We work closely with water authorities and councils to deliver high quality drinking water, a drought proof water supply, and recycled water that is safe for use.

In addition we provide advance wastewater treatment to protect the environment.

Potable water

WaterIcon makes water safe to drink for our communities on both a small and large scale.

Small-scale municipal potable water treatment

Our small scale municipal water treatment solutions are perfect for new housing developments, golf estates, schools, and construction and exploration sites. We offer module potable water treatment packages to turn brackish water into clean water, safe for drinking and household use.

WaterIcon customises, assembles and installs our modular units as part of a complete end-to-end solution to fit a client’s needs. Depending on modular size and flow rate, units will be pre-packaged or assembled on site.

WaterIcon’s modular units are used for the following:

  • Turn brackish water from dams, rivers and groundwater to the highest quality potable water
  • Desalination of seawater to the highest quality potable water

WaterIcon’s modular units use the following water treatment methods:


Large-scale municipal potable water treatment

For large scale municipal projects, WaterIcon designs and builds, maintains, and operates potable water treatment solutions across Southern Africa.

We can construct new turnkey plants or refurbish existing potable water treatment plants.

Municipal wastewater

Wastewater or water that has been contaminated by human influence through domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural use must be turned from a raw waste stream to an environmentally-safe fluid stream before it can be discharged. WaterIcon’s technically driven solutions make wastewater safe for the surrounding environment on a small and large scale.

Water re-use and recycling forms a vital part of each project and is a major economic benefit for clients.


Small-scale municipal wastewater solutions

Our small scale wastewater treatment solutions are perfect for rural communities, holiday resorts, factories and smaller municipal projects. We provide and install custom made package plants, containerised systems and modular units depending on a client’s specifications.  Our designs are easily upgradeable to meet growing capacity and can accommodate location-specific demands.

WaterIcon’s small scale wastewater treatment units use the following technologies:


Large-scale municipal wastewater solutions

WaterIcon designs and builds, maintains, and operates large scale municipal wastewater treatment solutions across Southern Africa to make water safe for discharge into the environment or for reuse.


Sludge disposal and recycling

Wastewater treatment produces sludge, which has to be treated and disposed of in a safe and efficient manner. Sludge can be dried and disposed of via landfill, burned, turned into compost, or treated thermally to recover valuable components. WaterIcon treats sludge so that it can be effectively re-used as compost, animal feed or fertiliser, which is an economic benefit to the client.

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